Ch-Ch-Changes (A New Beginning!)


With Cory the mini-horse at Safe Haven!

Whew, has it been quite a while!

I hope you didn’t miss me too much, world. Since my previous post, my life snowballed into a frenzy of busyness: weddings to attend, my final semester of school, a journalism capstone project, trips galore, and returning to my job, yet again!

But the biggest change in my life occurred in April. Working on my journalism thesis, I interviewed a professor at  CUNY who, along with his wife, runs the Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary, in Poughquag, New York. I met many of the sanctuary’s beautiful residents, including Duncan the goat, Emma the turkey, who I felt a real connection with, and Cory, the mini-horse. I have always been a supporter of animal sanctuaries, having given many donations to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in New York, but had never visited one. This opportunity led to a moment of clarity in my life, and reminded me of a lot of things that are, to me, personal ideals: caring for life, no matter how significant, with the level of respect you’d show your own family or loved ones. I saw a  lot of love at the Safe Haven farm that day.

After that visit, and a talk with a long time vegan, I found myself at a crossroads. I had been vegetarian for four years, and always said it was for ethical reasons. But here I was, baking with butter and eggs and milk. I decided I would stop using any animal products altogether, and since April, I have been slowly adjusting to being full of vegan. You can even read about my experience on Jersey City Vegan’s Vegan Like Me feature! (Emily’s blog is really fantastic, and I hope to be helping with some post in the distant future!)

So what does this mean for this tiny blog of mine?

I’m thinking of changing things up a bit here at Baboo Bakery (cue the Bowie song) – I want to document not only fun vegan recipes, but recipes that perhaps would help guide a new vegan like me (or vegetarian transitioning into vegan), events I’d intend, places I’d like to visit. This will most likely range in the New Jersey-New York area, but I’d also like to back-up to previous trips (such as my recent California coast trip in July). Finally, I’d like to try and go back and veganize my previous recipes, just as a challenge!


A recent vegan creation: Raspberry Zinger Cake!

I hope you will stick around to read as I share really wonderful things that mean a lot to me, but also wonderful things that will make you feel really good about yourself and the world as well!

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